Yes, you heard right...A free Funeral Cover worth R20 000 paid on claim.

Updated: Aug 3

It's as simple as you purchasing a meat hamper from us and that automatically opens up a policy for you, that you can use to cover yourself, or anyone of your choice that fits the requirements given.

The cover is cash based worth R20 000 which will be paid out as R15 000 in cash and R5 000 meat on claim. All you have to do to keep your cover running is purchase a hamper from us on a monthly basis and that will automatically initiate a payment which will be made by us towards your policy.

Just like any policy, your details would be collected and paper work sent to you to sign and fill out your banking details as well as confirmation of your policy sent to you with your policy number once done.

In the unfortunate event that a claim has to be made, you contact us, and we contact our insurance underwriter who will carry out the claim. The funeral cover is underwritten by a licenced FSP; GuardRisk. Upon validating a claim, the cash is paid out within 48 to 72 hours.

Terms and Conditions

  1. You must be a registered iShipa Lam' customer with a customer number. You can register to be a customer by clicking here.

  2. The cover is for a single member. You can cover yourself as a registered iShipa Lam' customer, or you can put in a family member of your choice.

  3. The free cover is only for people between the ages of 16 to 55 years.

  4. In the case that you would want cover a person older, between 56 and 70 years, you would then need to pay an additional R50 on top of your meat hamper as top up, which is still the lowest funeral insurance that pays out so much that you can find for someone in that age group.

  5. We unfortunately do not cover people over the age of 70.

  6. No medical examinations to be conducted.

  7. R250 added benefit for airtime ontop of the claim amount to be paid out.

Waiting Periods

  • 6 months waiting period will apply for members after scheme has been incepted.

  • 0 - 3 months (0% of benefit payable)

  • 3 - 4 months (25% of benefit payable)

  • 4 - 5 months (50% of benefit payable)

  • 5 - 6 months (75% of benefit payable)

  • Over 6 months (100% of benefit payable)

  • 12 months waiting period for suicide

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