About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our motto is "To fruitfully multiply the seed granted by Supremacy" and it's evident in the way we conduct the business and the importance of helping others grow as we grow, to teach as we learn, and to be of service whilst building dynasties. 

 "As we rise, lift" - PJ SIMELANE


Our Story

iShipa Lam is run and operates under ukuBuSah Reigns, which is an entity who's foundation is love and thus the fruits of it. Motivated by the concept of creating an impact in society, iShipa Lam was born during a pivotal time in the world when the pandemic hit and the world as we knew it was about to change. With limited access to shops and people losing their jobs and security, iShipa Lam aimed to be a solution to the prole currently facing the country.

With extensive background in sales, network marketing and direct marketing, the unique concept of infusing sales with direct marketing selling basic grocery items became a no brainier as it would impact the lives of those who insinuated it, as well as the lives of many sales consultants, business owners, logistics team and benefactor of the projects created under the brand.