About Us

Serving the community, creating a wealthy experience

Our motto is "To fruitfully multiply the seed granted by Supremacy" and it's evident in the way we conduct the business and the importance of helping others grow as we grow, to teach as we learn, and to be of service whilst building dynasties. 

 "As we rise, lift" - PJ SIMELANE


Our Story

iShipa Lam is run and operates under ukuBuSah Reigns PTY LTD,

which is an entity who's foundation is love and thus the fruits of it. Motivated by the concept of creating an impact in society, iShipa Lam was born during a pivotal time in the world when the pandemic hit and the world as we knew it was about to change. With limited access to shops and people losing their jobs and security, iShipa Lam aimed to be a solution to the problems currently facing the country and help elevate the community.

Our tagline; Serving the community, creating a wealthy experience is an indication to our commitment to finding innovative solutions to serve our community with a business where everyone gets something back as well as create a wealthy experience through business opportunities, technology advancement in our community , quality products at reasonable pricing and value for money.


When you join iShipa Lam' as a consultant (or business owner), that means you are operating and running your own online store that sells meat and grocery hampers. The shop comes standard with the hampers and as a business owner, you do not have to purchase or hold stock, but instead, you just need your phone that will give you access to your shop as well as your back office/dashboard where you will be able to load your customers, track and approve their orders and monitor orders until their are delivered to customers. Your customers get to either place the order's themselves on their WhatsApp or you can on their behalf.

Along with access to an online store and back office, you also receive free digital marketing materials such as flyers, posters, car stickers, business cards etc.

As a sales consultant, all you ever do is market your business starting in your own neighborhood, load customers on your system, collect orders and we do the rest; we package and deliver the hampers to you at no extra charge. Our meat hamper range is the best quality you will find around at reasonable pricing and we have many exciting value for money propositions that you can offer to your customers to make it easy for you to sell in your shop such as a FREE funeral cover and many more.

The more customers you have and the more you sell, the more you earn. You get to determine your own WEALTH.

If you would like to find out more about our commission structures, our hampers and products or just ready to sign up and have your own online store , click on "join us" below that will take you directly to our WhatsApp business number and send us a "I'd like to know more" and we will send you a voice note presentation with a pdf file that fully explains the business and we can there after discuss further.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Becoming an independent Sales Consultant